Thanks for your interest in working for Haunted Hometowns Corp. We are currently looking for new Ghost Hosts for the Aurora and both the Naperville walking tours. This is NOT an employment position: ghost hosts are independent contractors who sign a work agreement contract and send in an invoice every other week that is paid within the standard 30 days. There are no work benefits aside from having a great time and making decent money for just a few hours of work.

Fascinated by the paranormal? Watch all the ghost hunting shows on TV? Great! But not necessary. We need tour guides more than we need paranormal enthusiasts. It's strongly preferred that guides have some knowledge of the paranormal, but we'll take an actor, public speaker or born storyteller and teach them about the paranormal over a ghost hunter who is a bland, boring or nervous speaker any day.

The ideal candidate will be lively, friendly, sociable and outgoing with the professionalism, confidence and maturity to lead and address crowds. They must have a natural ability to tell a good spooky story, can scare audiences to wide-eyed silence without traumatizing kids, and politely yet capably control as many as 40+ people of all ages, enthusiasm levels, skepticism and stages of inebriation. Candidate MUST be reliable and can be absolutely trusted to show up on time and give a great performance!!!

You would need to be available weekend nights from April through November, and weeknights during the last few weeks of Oct./early Nov. Fortunately for your social life, you'd work only 3 hours for each tour-1/2 hour for picking up the equipment at the office and taking tickets,, 2 hrs. for the tour itself, and 1/2 hr. for returning the equipment to our Aurora office each night. The starting rate for new ghost hosts is $20 per hour per tour plus tips, and a flat fee TBD for training and memorizing. There's a LOT to memorize, so let us know if you'd prefer a set script to follow or an outline of information that you can build your own words around and tell the stories off the cuff. You may also wish to video and/or record Diane Ladley as she gives a tour to learn the stories and practice her style of storytelling.
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